Stunning Stencils { Wedding Cakes }

By The Celebration Team 14 Mar, 2017

Stunning Stencils { Wedding Cakes }

Stencils are generally used for decorating walls or entertaining little kids – but stencils on wedding cakes? That’s a new one!

Cake decorators are now turning to stencilling in an effort to take their cake designs to a whole new level. We especially love stencil designs created with metallic cake “paint”. Alternatively you can cut stencil shapes out of fondant to give the cake a more three-dimensional look. For a more subtle look, use a colour that closely matches that of the cake, so that it’s only barely visible.

Stencils also provide an easy way to decorate a cake that you’ve made yourself, and helps it look more professional and in line with your wedding theme. Simply print out the design you want (on hard cardboard) and then cut it out – easy peasy! You can then place the stencil on the cake and ice over it, or use cake paint to create something even more spectacular.

The stenciling technique is one that can, in itself, become a full-blown wedding theme. For instance, you can work stenciling into the bridesmaids dress designs or you can decorate the stationery with matching stencils to create a unified feel. You can also use the chosen stencil design to project beautiful patterns all over the dance floor.

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