Sweet Sugary Stripes { Wedding Cakes }

By The Celebration Team 27 Oct, 2014

Sweet Sugary Stripes { Wedding Cakes }

Fact: Stripes will never go out of style. And this season we’re doting on any form of striped wedding cake! Contemporary, clean, crisp and just plain enchanting, striped wedding cakes are a modern feast for the eye.

While cake tiers wrapped in horizontal stripes is the first option that springs to mind, there’s no reason why you can’t opt for vertical stripes – or better yet, a combination of the two! Play around with parallel lines for a simple yet sophisticated look, or consider angled or perpendicular lines for a more quirky and modern cake design.

Then again, if parallel or straight lines don’t really suit your fancy, chevron is certainly high up on the list of line designs worth considering. For a softer cake design, consider breaking the stripes with other simple and repetitive motives like polka dots or check, or even introducing florals, ruffles and bows. This is especially ideal for a tiered cake as your tiers can essentially alternate between the stripes and your secondary design.

Bear in mind that your stripes also don’t have to be of a different or contrasting colour to the rest of the cake. Experiment with marzipan layers of slightly different shades as well as embossing techniques for a less dramatic, more elegant and classic interpretation of a striped cake.

Stripes can also be used to create uniformity on the cake table, tying the wedding cake to other treats on the dessert station – for instance think cupcakes baked in stripey-cups, petit fours decorated with marzipan stripes or square striped cake pops.

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