Lately we’ve been talking a lot about alternative cake toppers – from miniature bunting and perspex lettering, to Lego figures and ceramic birds – which means the traditional cake toppers have now been stowed in the closet just long enough to make its way into the vintage scheme of things. There’s really just something about the age-old boy-girl figurines that few others can compare to, but that doesn’t mean you have to take them as they are.

To start with, play around with the material from which the topper is crafted – move away from fondant or plastic cake toppers and opt for a more substantial and unique material such as ceramic, clay or even paper craft that will serve as a lasting memory of your five tiered masterpiece.

Secondly,  why not move away from the traditional tux and gown dress code? After all, these little guys would surely appreciate the change of clothing! Opt for something that’s a little more you and that guests would immediately associate with the happy couple, for instance a little floral summer dress for the bride that resembles the one in your closet or a signature fedora and glasses like the ones your hubby-to-be usually rocks.

Thirdly, whoever said you can only have one topper? Single-tier cakes have shot up in popularity and these days it’s rather trendy to have three singles displayed on cake stands of varying heights rather than a triple tier cake. In this case you can have not one but three cake toppers, each of which depicts a different scenario or humorous life stage.

Which brings us to the final point – having your cake designer mould the little figurines to give them a little more personality. For instance have them sitting cosily next to one another on top of the cake, have them kiss or let the mini groom carry his mini bride. Give some thought to what characterises you as a couple and try incorporating that into the style and mood of your cake toppers. Remember, a little humour in this sense also goes a far way!

For more ideas on Vintage Cake Toppers or to check out the original photos displayed above and their credits, make sure to check out our Vintage Cake Toppers Pinterst Board!


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