Keep your Cool { Cooler Ideas }

By The Celebration Team 08 Sep, 2016

Keep your Cool { Cooler Ideas }

There’s nothing worse than a hot drink on a hot summer’s day – especially not if that drink is a beer or glass of white wine. Keeping your drinks cool should be a big priority if you’re planning a summer celebration – but that’s not to say your cooling methods should be boring!

Forget fridges and normal ice buckets – we’ve got some other ideas:

  • Fill a big cut-off wine barrel with ice, and plonk all of your beverages in there.
  • If you’re planning a more rustic farm-style wedding, consider using a big old metal bath.
  • Be creative and add a little colour to your ice – for instance, scatter flower petals on the ice or add slices of colourful fruit.
  • Fill the back of an old pick-up truck with, well, a truck-load of ice, and store your beverages on there.
  • We love glass dispensers! And whoever said you can’t display your wines and cocktails for the world to see?
  • Invest in a big old retro fridge, where guests can help themselves to their favourite drinks.
  • Make your own frozen ice buckets, by layering two ice buckets and putting water in between before freezing it.

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