Renewing your wedding vows

By The Celebration Team 10 Jul, 2006

Renewing your wedding vows

Congratulations - what a wonderful idea…

Whether you’ve been married 5,10, 25 or 50 years, renewing your wedding vows is an very romantic way of acknowledging your love and declaring your continuing commitment for each other, before family and friends.

It's a ceremony that no official minister or judge need perform, instead the couple are free to ask anyone to lead the days celebrations, from best friends to their children – can you think of a more beautiful scene than children watching their parents joining hands and hearts as they affirm the magnitude and strength of their enduring love?

In this day and age when marriages seem to disintegrate easier and quicker than ever before, it’s it refreshing and inspiring to be of witness to a couple renewing their wedding vows?

The ceremony around renewing wedding vows can be as creative and personal as a couple wishes, from walking down the aisle together to their special song to exchanging new wedding bands to having an intimate ceremony in the comfort of their own home.

In fact there are no actual formalities for renewing wedding vows, the only “requirement” I guess, is that however the couple chooses to celebrate their very special occasion, the proceedings make them feel the depth and intensity of their love and devotion for each other.

During the ceremony the couple may wish to reflect on the years they’ve spent together so far, acknowledging the good times as well as the challenging ones, they may then wish to think about their future together, including taking time to create an inspiring vision together, outlining dreams and goals.

To create an even more intimate and personal occasion it is suggested that the couple write their own marriage vows, marriage vows written from the heart, serve as a source of strength and inspiration for a lifetime.

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