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Although the wedding day is usually deemed to be more about the bride than the groom, it is, in fact, his special day too. In order for it to be successful and memorable, the groom has several tasks. The following checklist will ensure that you, as the groom-to-be, are prepared and able to enjoy your wedding day to the full:

One Year to Ten Months Prior

  • Speak to her parents about marrying their daughter (if appropriate)
  • Purchase the engagement ring
  • Ask her to marry you
  • Announce your engagement to friends and family
  • Decide on the type of ceremony you want and discuss this with both sets of parents to confirm who will be able to contribute what
  • Accompany your fiancé to various ceremony and wedding venues and help to decide on one of each
  • Approach those that you would like to have as your best man and groomsmen

Nine Months Prior

  • Start to attend pre-marriage classes, if appropriate or desired
  • Visit the official presiding over the wedding and discuss any issues or concerns with him
  • Sit down with your fiancé and decide on your guest list
  • Visit a travel agent with your fiancé and start planning possible honeymoon destinations
  • Go along with your fiancé to choose wedding gifts for your registry

Six Months Prior

  • Start making all of the bookings for your honeymoon, whether your fiancé knows about it or it is a surprise
  • Organise your passports, if necessary

Three Months Prior

  • Decide on who you definitely would like to invite and present this list to your partner
  • Starting making enquiries regarding the legal requirements of issuing a wedding licence, if necessary in your country
  • Start arranging for the transport for the big day and inform your groomsmen or best man so that they can take over the responsibility of this aspect
  • Choose the clothing for you, your entourage and your father, as well as your fiancé’s father. Ensure that everyone arranges a fitting for themselves
  • Get your birth certificate, if this is required for a marriage licence

Two Months Prior

  • Choose and purchase gifts for your groomsmen, best man and, most importantly, your beautiful bride
  • Collect the rings from the jeweller
  • Book accommodation for guests coming from out-of-town
  • Help your fiancé to make the final plans for the rehearsal dinner
  • Organise your VISAS if you will be leaving the country for your honeymoon

Two to Three Weeks Prior

  • As a couple, get your marriage licence (which will likely require your birth certificate and may need you to have certain blood tests), if applicable
  • Finalise transport to and from the ceremony and reception venues.
  • Confirm all honeymoon accommodation, activities and transport. Have a meeting with all of your attendants and make sure everyone is clear on times and places, including the rehearsal dinner details
  • Help your partner in organising the seating of your guests for the reception

One Week Prior

  • Reconfirm all times, dates and places with your groomsmen, ring bearer, best man and father
  • Sort out any payments that will be due on or before the big day, setting the cash aside or writing out the cheques
  • Start packing for your honeymoon
  • Purchase traveller’s cheques or exchange money for the correct currency if you will be leaving the country
  • Discuss the reception seating with your groomsmen so that they can assist guests in finding their tables

The Day Before

  • Finish all of your honeymoon packing
  • Get an early night and have sweet dreams about the fabulous life that awaits you

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