Blue and Yellow Inspiration

By The Celebration Team 15 Jul, 2014

Blue and Yellow Inspiration

This colour combination is another one that is found all around us in nature. Blue waves rush up to the yellow sands of the beach, and clear azure skies hang lazily over yellow flowers in the field. For this reason, yellow and blue are a great combination colour theme for outdoor or country-themed weddings.

As a wedding theme, blue and yellow can work well in a variety of shades, but these shades should correspond with and match one another. So, for example, if you choose a baby blue, pair it with a light butter yellow. On the other hand, if you prefer a bright, sunny yellow, choose an equally vibrant shade of blue to match.

Achieve a gorgeous blue and yellow wedding theme with the following tips and ideas:

  • Tie a bunch of yellow sunflowers together with a blue ribbon.
  • Create table centrepieces using lemons, daffodils, yellow roses and so on in blue glass or ceramic containers (bowls or vases).
  • Dress the bridesmaids in sweet yellow dresses and the groomsmen in blue waistcoats for excellent photographs.
  • Garnish lemon meringue or lemon cheesecake with blueberries for a fab dessert.

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