Champagne: Gold + Blush + Glitter + Bubbles!

By The Celebration Team 28 Apr, 2015

Champagne: Gold + Blush + Glitter + Bubbles!

Champagne is more than a beverage – it’s a dash of bubbly euphoria that tantalises all the senses. Today’s post is all about capturing the essence of a glass of dazzling champagne in a wedding theme.

Firstly there’s the colour scheme. With so many different variants of bubbly available on the market, we have an endless array of gold and blush hues to choose from. To capture the feeling of champagne, keep all your elements light and airy – from the décor to the food.

To capture the sparkle, be flamboyant and brave in your choices – sequins and glitter everywhere! For instance, why pass up the opportunity to cover the main table in a full-length gold sequined table cloth? Work glitter into your stationery designs, choose glitzy heels for the bridesmaids and light up the night sky with sparklers.

Don’t forget the bubbles! You might feel that bubbles as confetti alternative have been done to death, but when it suits the context of the theme this perfectly, there’s no denying the fact that bubbles are downright enchanting.

Lastly, in order to bring the theme full circle, a bubbly tasting and pairing is obviously a must. Think meringues, marshmallows, nougat, chocolate, macaroons and all things heavenly decadent! You can also be a bit more daring and try your luck with champers cocktails and jello shots to really get the party started.

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