Cherry + Mocha { Deeply Indulgent }

By The Celebration Team 03 Oct, 2016

Cherry + Mocha { Deeply Indulgent }

Tasty, indulgent and flavourful – that’s cherry and mocha for you, regardless of whether you’re talking about the flavour or the colour scheme.

This divine theme is everything you could possibly ask for in a deeply romantic and sexy wedding celebration – the colours are beautifully complementary, and the flavours are to die for. We especially love the contrast of a crisp white wedding gown against these deep tones – you’re guaranteed to stand out!

  • Instruct your wedding cake designer to create the ultimate cherry and mocha cake masterpiece.
  • Dress your bridesmaids in alternating dresses – some in dark brown, and some in cherry.
  • Drape the tables in mocha table cloths, and opt for cherry-coloured glassware or crockery.
  • Instead of a traditional black suit, convince your hubby-to-be to try on a dark mocha suit – it’s classic and unforgettable.
  • Add touches of cherry to your own bridal ensemble by donning red nail polish and cherry lips.
  • Treat your guests to a cherry or mocha cocktail or exceptional coffee during canapés.
  • For the guest favours, fill little baskets with fresh cherries, or spoil your guests with little bags of your favourite coffee beans.
  • To keep the theme from getting too intense, add splashes of cream – just as indulgent, just as rich.

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