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Chocolate + Turquoise { Rustic WOW }


Chocolate and turquoise is one of those colour schemes that just never seem to go out of style. And rightly so! The two colours were practically made for each other – just like you and your hubby-to-be. If you’re wondering how to combine them and combine them well, we’ve got some ideas.

  • Opt for dark wood tables and furniture to capture the chocolate side of things.
  • Decorate the tables with turquoise plates or glassware.
  • If you’re going for a more rustic theme, consider using turquoise enamel cups, plates, and so forth.
  • A chocolate fountain is a must, especially if you serve brightly coloured turquoise meringues with it.
  • Dress the groomsmen in trendy brown suits, and opt for joyful turquoise bridesmaid dresses with brown accessories.
  • Alternatively, why not dress the bridesmaids in floor-length brown dresses with that extra wow-factor?
  • Instead of flowers, decorate the tables with dried twigs, tree bark and other natural elements.
  • Serve bright turquoise welcome drinks (very potent!) and chocolate liqueur with dessert.
  • Opt for a delicious chocolate covered cake, but surprise guests by making the inside of the cake bright turquoise.
  • Bathe the venue in stunning turquoise light.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest