The colours selected for a wedding can represent the bridal couple’s personality or relationship or just be the bridal couple’s favourite colour. Alternatively, the colour selected for the wedding day could simply be the best suited colour for the wedding venues / reception or even wedding flowers. Colours have over the centuries become known to have various symbolisms or have different meanings. Taking into account the symbolism of a colour can help choose a color for your wedding day


Blue is a popular colour that represents both sea and sky. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Faith
  • Wisdom
  • Loyalty
  • Truth
  • Heaven
  • Trust
  • Friendship

Shades of Blue
Sapphire, azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sky blue, baby blue, robin’s egg blue, cyan, cornflower blue, midnight blue, slate, steel blue, Prussian blue.


Another popular colour, red is an intense and warm colour. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Love
  • Passion
  • Fire
  • Blood
  • Sensitivity
  • Sexuality
  • Romance

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Shades of Red
Scarlet, crimson, vermillion, carmine, maroon, burgundy, ruby, rose, madder, rouge, brick, blood red, blush, fire engine red, cinnabar, russet, rust, Venetian red, flame, Indian red, tomato.


Yellow, the colour of the sun and the thing that so many people love – sunshine. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Energy
  • Intellect
  • Creativity
  • Freshness

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Orange is a combination of both yellow and red and therefore incorporates the passion and energy of red with the happiness and joy of yellow. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Adventure
  • Creativity
  • Excitement
  • Desire
  • Sexual Passion
  • Pleasure
  • Wisdom
  • Wealth

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Green is the colour of nature and is a colour we see all the time – whether at the office or outside. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Growth
  • Harmony
  • Fertility & Vitality
  • Stability
  • Endurance
  • Hope
  • Healing & Balance
  • Peace

Shades of Green
Olive green, Aqua

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A common colour of a brides’s wedding dress, this colour sumbolises some of the following:

  • Purity
  • Truth
  • Innocence
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Cleanliness

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Black is a very strong colour and can have negative or positive symbolisms. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Sadness / Mourning
  • Despair
  • Elegance
  • Power
  • Formality

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Purple is a combination of blue and red and is typically associated with royalty. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Power
  • Luxury
  • Ambition
  • Wisdom
  • Dignity
  • Creativity
  • Magic

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Pink is typically a colour associated with women. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Appreciation and gratitude
  • Happiness
  • Admiration
  • Unconditional Love
  • Friendships
  • Compassion and Harmony

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Brown is the colour of the earth. The colour symbolises some of the following:

  • Friendship
  • Homeliness
  • Concentration
  • Courage
  • Energy

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