Emerald + Grey { Mystical Elegance }

By The Celebration Team 13 Jul, 2015

Emerald + Grey { Mystical Elegance }

This is another one of those colour schemes that no man will deny his bride-to-be – after all, few things say masculine quite like a stylish grey suit and emerald tie. Emerald and grey presents a fine balance between man and nature, with green being reminiscent of rolling landscapes and grey speaking of industrial influence.

“Minimalistic yet glamorous and sophisticated” is really at the core of this colour combination, so choosing décor elements of quality is of the essence – think monochrome fabrics, fine paper, solid furniture and a less is more approach. For instance, add small touches of grey to your wedding dress and complete your ensemble with an emerald green leafy bouquet to really make a minimalistic statement.

In terms of the setting, you have the option of a more natural backdrop of emerald green forest or rustic silver-grey olive orchard – majestic yet down to earth. Alternatively, opt for something a little more glamorous and regal like a perfectly manicured lawn or understated contemporary blank-canvas venue.

In terms of the roll out of your colour scheme, emerald and grey are best showcased in clean patterns like chevron, vertical lines, diagonal lines and polka dots. For an evening wedding on the other hand, feel free to glitz it up with green glitter, crystals and sparkles and a hint of silver-grey.

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