What a way to welcome summer! This soft yet refreshing colour scheme is feminine with a lovely organic twist, and we just love the dash of gold that gives it that beautiful bit of edge. What’s more, the mint helps strike a good balance to keep the theme from crossing the line into old fashioned and peachy.

  • Fresh peaches contribute to the light summery and organic feel of this theme. Use them in arrangements and at guest place settings.
  • Add an extra dimension to the theme with peach and mint scented room spray and candles.
  • Gold glitter and sequins add lovely texture to an otherwise smooth pastel theme.
  • Bathe the venue in peach and mint lighting, and shake it up late-night with a gold glitter ball.
  • Opt for white fabric with a soft peach or mint undertone for your wedding dress, and why not go all out and dress your bridesmaids in glitterly gold dresses?
  • This colour scheme is destined for the dessert table! Mint and peach treats sprinkled with gold cake glitter are the way to go.
  • Don’t be afraid to add healthy doses of gold to your décor – for instance gold chairs, glitter table runner or gold chandeliers.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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