Gold, Salmon + Mint { Feminine + Festive }

By The Celebration Team 06 Feb, 2017

Gold, Salmon + Mint { Feminine + Festive }

Your spring wedding planning is in full swing, but you’re still not sure about that colour scheme. Well, what if we told you there’s a colour scheme that does it all? It’s glitzy, it’s feminine, it’s fresh, it’s contemporary and it’s vintage – all in one! We’re talking about gold, salmon and mint, of course, and we’re obsessed.

This lovely spring theme has a “vintage ice cream stand” feel to it, and we adore the touch of gold as it really gives it that edge.

  • Dress your bridesmaids in salmon and mint, and your maid of honour in stunning gold.
  • Drape the guest tables in different coloured table cloths, in line with the wedding theme.
  • Choose flowers with soft petals that reflect the softness of the colours, like light pink peonies and ranunculi.
  • Serve a selection of decadent mint and strawberry milkshakes as dessert or welcome drink.
  • For a more lavish setting, opt for gold chairs or sequined table runners.
  • Bathe the venue in soft mint and salmon lighting, and see if you can get your hands on golden candelabra and a glitter ball.
  • Include plenty of festive elements like ribbon wands, helium balloons and bunting in the colours of your theme.

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