Gold + Salmon { Oriental Opulence }

By The Celebration Team 25 Apr, 2016

Gold + Salmon { Oriental Opulence }

The glitz! The glamour! The style! The opulence! That’s what this colour scheme is all about. Reminiscent of old world Bollywood, this warm and striking colour scheme is practically made for the wedding day, bringing with it feelings of romance and ornate beauty.

Feel free to play around with shades of salmon, adding light and dark to give dimension to the overall theme. This is especially striking when used in patterns like chevron, kaleidoscope, vertical lines and so forth.

Naturally serving salmon and prawns is an absolute must, so ensure that your guests aren’t allergic or opposed to a seafood menu. On the actual guest tables, add dazzling bits like salmon coloured glassware, and you can bring in touches of gold in the form of cutlery, napkins, baseplates, and gold painted fruit.

A season or four ago we would’ve said to use the gold sparingly, but nowadays we’re firm advocates for using gold boldly and fiercely. For instance, choose gold chairs for your reception, dress the bridesmaids in glittery gold dresses, drape the guest tables in sequined gold runners and so forth.

Lastly, complete your own bridal ensemble with hints of gold, and why not consider a light salmon wedding gown as opposed to the traditional white?

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