As a colour scheme, green and burgundy has long been popular, particularly for grand, formal affairs. It is dramatic and intense, which makes it more suitable for night-time events, especially on cold winter evenings, when a cosy look and feel is ideal. It is also great for a Christmas-themed wedding, as different shades of green and red are used to signify this time. For summer weddings or those held during the day, this theme can still be used, but should be incorporated in a subtle, light way to prevent it from darkening the theme too much.

Green and burgundy can be incorporated into your theme in the following ways:

  • Tie bunches of real green grapes around bottles or carafes of red wine (which is a rich burgundy colour) and dot these on the guests’ tables.
  • Use emeralds and rubies (imitation is fine) in your bridal jewellery and accessories.
  • Include burgundy flowers, such as roses, Barberton daisies, calla lilies, dahlias, and the allium bullit in your décor and bouquets.
  • This scheme works well in tartan or checks, so use these designs in your table cloths, shoes or guest favours to incorporate both colours effectively.

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