Over the past season we’ve seen many colours fade to a hundred shades of grey, giving antique character to rainbow brights and jewel tones. Next in line to be “antiqued” is bold and eclectic jade. Greyed jade is every bit as mesmerising and appealing as its jewel tone counterpart, but in a more ethereal and enchanting kind of way.

While all too lovely when combined with white and soft grey, this antique shade of jade goes just as well with other antique colours – dusty pinks, camel, pale blue and chic ivory. Should you wish to add a little sparkle to the occasion, play around with jewellery and cutlery in dulled gold tones or antique silver, and be sure to stick to the “less is more” rule of thumb.

Flower options aren’t all too opulent, but the wide variety of succulents and foliage available in this colour certainly makes up for it – examples of these include desert roses, olive branches and mini cacti. If you’re looking to add splashed of colour, these go exceptionally well with pale pink proteas, yellow billy balls and soft cream roses – antique chic, indeed!

Coloured wedding dresses are very much in fashion this season, and we’d love to see a bride or two strutting her stuff in a pale jade gown! Brides with light complexions, however, might look washed out in greyed jade in which case it might be better to rather opt for jade bridesmaid dresses. To make the most of this soft and elegant colour, equally soft and flowing fabrics like chiffon, lace and tulle.

What we ‘heart’ even more about this unique shade is the fact that your groom and his grooms men will be all too comfortable strutting their stuff in a greyed jade bow-tie or waistcoat. If hubby-to-be is quite the daring fashionista, consider dressing him in a greyed jade blazer or shirt.

For more ideas and inspiration for a Greyed Jade Wedding, the original photos and their credits above, please check our our Greyed Jade Wedding Pinterest Board.


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