Subdued elegance… with a pop of colour! We just love the beautiful combination of grey and yellow, no matter what shade or texture. Whether you choose to use more grey than yellow, or go 50-50 is really up to you – in fact, you might as well have some fun, because in reality anything goes!

  • Dress your bridesmaids in a combination of soft grey dresses and summery yellow.
  • Drape the guest tables in grey table linen, with yellow flowers, glassware, plates or napkins all around.
  • Incorporate plenty of yellow into your dessert table with treats like macaroons and lemon meringue tartlets, and then package it in grey boxes.
  • In terms of flowers, you have a broad selection at your disposal including yellow roses, daffodils and lilies, with foliage like eucalyptus leaves and succulents providing the perfect grey backdrop.
  • Mix yellow flower petals with silver sequins and glitter, and allow guests to scatter it as confetti.
  • Silvery-grey sparklers are an absolute must on departure! Package it in cute little yellow sleeves.
  • Instead of a crisp white wedding dress, consider a light grey gown and complete the ensemble with yellow shoes and nails.
  • To keep the theme from getting stale, add touches of green for a little liveliness.

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