Lilac and Red Wedding Ideas

When it comes to light-vibrant colour combinations, there’s always a slight hazard that things might get a little kitch. The trick here is to decide whether you’re going for dramatic (darker colour with soft accents) or demure (soft colour as main colour with dark accents).

In the case of lilac and red, and in the spirit of summer, we’re all edging more towards a soft and subtle, in which case it’s important to go easy on the red. The bridesmaids dresses are a key example of this – opt for light and summery lilac dresses and brighten it up with red shoes, sashes or hair fascinators. Apply this principle throughout and you’re sure to pull off this light-and-vibrant wedding colour scheme in style.

  • Drape your tables in lilac and white, and simply add one red element such as glasses, candle holders, napkins or flowers.
  • On the flower front, choose from lovely lavender, purple peonies, gladiolas, violets, hydrangeas, orchids or tulips, and combine them with a red flower such as roses, hibiscus or carnations.
  • Choose lilac accessories for the dashing gentlemen and round it off with a simple red boutonnière.
  • Opt for all white furniture and play around with coloured lighting – lilac during more casual moments like the cocktail party and main course, and warmer red when guests take to the dance floor.
  • When it comes to your bridal ensemble, stick to lilac accessories with red lips and nails – simple and striking.
  • Take the colour scheme to the dessert tables with lilac macaroons, ice lollies, blueberry cheesecake and candyfloss, all served with juicy red strawberries, red velvet cake and red wine.

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