Navy Blue and Green

By The Celebration Team 21 Aug, 2012

Navy Blue and Green

Navy blue is such an elegant colour. It is rich and masculine in its darkness, but ever so pretty in its simplicity. Green can be vibrant, bright, dull or luminous; and almost any of these options seems to go perfectly with navy. This is a stunning colour combination for your wedding. It is bold and dramatic without being “in your face”, and can work beautifully for day or evening weddings.

We love the idea of mixing things up a little by breaking one of the colours up into a pattern (such as stripes or polka dots) and keeping the other colour solid. If you choose to do this, ensure that you are consistent about it. For example, if you choose solid navy with a green and white polka dot fabric, do not change this to a navy polka dot anywhere else in your décor.

For a light, airy look and feel to your day, pair this fab combo with plenty of white to lift the intensity. A more formal evening do can be jazzed up with pops of silver or gold or made more dramatic by being placed on a black backdrop (if your navy is noticeably lighter than the black).

One of the advantages to this colour combination is that it suits every skin complexion and is likely to translate well in your photographs. Therefore, both of these colours can actually be used in the bridal make-up to emphasise the eyes and lift the complexion. Be careful not to opt for too much blue or green simply because that is the colour of your eyes. Rather, have your make-up artist play around well ahead of time to get your shades and proportions right.

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