Navy and Coral Weddings

By The Celebration Team 27 Mar, 2013

Navy and Coral Weddings

Orange is generally considered as the ugly step child when it comes to wedding theme colours, and many brides have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with it. Enter: Coral. This lovely colour can be considered the more fair and sophisticated younger sister of orange, having all the lovely aspects of orange none of the ugly, and solving the love-hate dilemma.

When paired with navy, the combination literally takes your breath away as it really is the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity. This colour scheme is all about creating striking contrasts, so take it a step further by contrasting other elements as well – for instance soft coral lace against clean-cut white furniture, coral chevron against vertical navy lines, and so forth.

When settling on this colour scheme, you can head in one of two directions:

  1. Navy as base colour with splashes of coral: This approach is somewhat more dramatic and speaks of black tie formality. Ideal for a more elegant evening celebration.
  2. Coral as main colour with hints of navy: This slant is more appropriate for a light affair and ideal for both morning and evening weddings. It's a little more feminine and when combined with white, it creates a fresh and breezy ambience.

Now for some rich and colourful ideas!

  • Hubby will love this colour scheme as it oozes masculinity! So instead of traditional black, shake things up with stylish navy suits or savvy grey suits with navy bow-ties and coral braces.
  • We love navy on girls! Dress the bridesmaids in stunning navy floor-length or mini dresses with coral orange roses, lilies, peonies or tulips for a dramatic ensemble. Alternatively opt for short summery coral dresses (with plenty of lace or chiffon) and complete the ensemble with navy shoes and bridal accessories.
  • Light up the room with coral and navy lighting, swapping between the two to adjust the mood from breezy to soulful.
  • If you're both quirky souls, consider placing bowls of blue jaw-breakers on the guest tables to colour guests' tongues navy.
  • Both coral and navy can be associated with the ocean, so feel free to add nautical touches to the occasion – for instance, bits of dried coral, sand, shells and navy stripes.

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