Oh my – it’s Ombre! { Magical + Elegant }

By The Celebration Team 13 Oct, 2015

Oh my – it’s Ombre! { Magical + Elegant }

Seasons have passed and many moons have come and gone, but the one trend we still can’t seem to get enough of is ombre. Whether it's a subtle colour shift or a more extreme and dramatic change – for instance from deep plum to crisp white – Ombre is soft, feminine, sophisticated, ethereal, elegant and oh-so magical!

So let's get colour crazy and look at a couple of our favourite ombre elements:

  • Choose an ombre wedding cake where the colour gently shifts from one shade to the next, or each tier boasts frosting of a different shade.
  • We love subtle ombre wedding dresses, and we’re nuts about ombre hair for the bride!
  • Opt for bridesmaid dresses made of ombre coloured fabric or an overall ombre effect where each bridesmaid wears a dress of a different shade to create one big ombre picture.
  • Ombre ties or braces for the gentlemen are a must. Be sure to keep the rest of the outfit simple so that you don’t create visual mayhem.
  • Choose a flower specie that offers a wide selection of shades in your chosen colour, such as roses, gerberas or lilies, in order to create ombre centre pieces.
  • Play around with coloured lighting to create an overall ombre effect and turn ceiling to dance floor into something ombre-athtaking.

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