Couples that want to bring the brightness and beauty of nature into their wedding theme colours may consider orange and lime as their colour choice. Together, these shades are vibrant and striking. As such, they work very well for outdoor, daytime weddings, where they complement the natural plants, light and textures around you.

Because this colour theme is so bold, use these two shades against a neutral backdrop (ideally white) so that they are not lost in a sea of luminosity. A fabulous way of combining these colours without one becoming overwhelming or being lost to the other is to have one of them always portrayed in a print or texture. For example, you could use a white polka dot on lime green with a solid orange in your stationery, linen and textiles. Damask prints are modern and retro; perfect for a progressive couple.

Incorporate lime and orange into your wedding attire in the form of your accessories. Shoes, hairpieces and jewellery are all fabulous opportunities to use vibrant shades. Of course, there are plenty of choices when it comes to lime and orange bouquets, since both of these colours occur freely in the world of flowers and greenery.

Oranges and limes, both members of the citrus family, can be used throughout your décor to bring the colours in while keeping it looking organic and natural. This is also a cost-effective option for wedding décor.

Have a look at our gallery for some more great lime and orange wedding ideas.


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