peach and grey weddings

This soft and understated colour scheme is refreshing and truly delightful on the eye, maintaining a fine balance between femininity and masculinity, don’t you think? To successfully pull off a peach and grey colour scheme, the emphasis should always on simplicity – as the age-old cliché goes, less is more.

The intensity of the colour scheme really depends on the shade of grey you eventually settle on: Lighter shades like dove-grey are breezy and delicate, making it ideal for a morning affair, while darker shades like charcoal on the other hand make a somewhat bolder statement, more suited to a late afternoon/evening celebration.

To add depth and dimension to the otherwise understated colour scheme, feel free to play around with varying shades of peach and grey. However we’d strongly advise you to stick to a few simple shades of each in order to maintain its stylish and impactful nature.

  • Enhance the muted grey tones by placing tiny silver accents in and around the venue, such as silver cutlery, mirrors and chandeliers.
  • Serve peachy drinks and cocktails on grey or silver platters, decorated with grey-and-white twirly straws or sparklers even.
  • Stick to soft and flowing fabrics and flowers that aim to reflect the understated elegance of the overall colour scheme. Think peonies, lilies, roses and ranunculi and opt for fabrics such as chiffon, lace and tulle. Mother Nature is also teeming with grey-toned plant life, so definitely consider adding an olive branch here and a desert rose there.
  • In terms of wedding stationery, opt for simple patterns like chevron, parallel lines and polka dots – after all, repetition is the key to simplicity.
  • Grey is generally associated with silhouettes, so perhaps decorate your stationery and venue walls with a couple of these lovely outline designs.
  • Keep the dessert table peachy and pleasant on the eye by only adding small dashes of grey to the overall peach-coloured buffet: Peach macaroons, ice lollies and cupcakes, rounded off neatly with simple elements like grey bows, monograms and paper cups.

For more Peach and Grey Weddings, the original photos above and their credits, make sure to check out our Peach and Grey Pinterest Board!


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