Pink and gold just ooze vintage appeal as images of rose-pink tea cups with gold rims float around in my head. However, pinks do not have to be blushy and demure; they can be bold, hot and very modern.  The pink that you choose to pair with your gold will determine the style of your wedding day.

A rose-pink or baby-pink and gold combination will be suitable for a wedding with a vintage, classic, feminine, spring or country look and feel. It is softer on the eyes and very romantic. A dusty pink that is darker, but dull, is great for a more dramatic ambience, while it is still very girly and rustic. Cerise, or hot pink, and gold is great for an urban, modern, vibrant couple that love bursts of colour. This last option just cries out for rebellion and fun, so embrace your theme if you choose these colours. In all cases, the gold adds style and bling, and balances out the femininity of the pink.

Here are a few suggestions for your pink and gold wedding day:

  • Serve pink cocktails with gold glitter or strawberries covered in edible gold dust.
  • Ensure that your metal items (mirror frames, jewellery, seating stands, and so on) are gold (or bronze), as having any of these in silver will detract from the integrity of the theme.
  • Consider a candy buffet, since there are so many fun shades of pink candy available. Include marshmallows, jelly beans, rock candy, strawberry mousse, and so on. Put these on ornate gold platters or plain gold-foiled trays.
  • Wear gold jewellery and accessorise with pink pops of colour.

Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Credit: RitzyBee, Tumblr

Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Credit: Heartbeat Oz, Martha Stewart Weddings

Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Credit: b. Poetic (on Etsy)

Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Main Photo Credit: One Wed


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