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Plum + Turquoise { Air of Fantasy }


Whimsical enchantment! That’s what this colour scheme is all about. Combining two of the most magical colours in the colour spectrum, a plum and turquoise colour scheme is the perfect way to appease both bride and groom.

Here’s how to bring your regal fairy tale colour scheme to life:

  • To hype up the drama, make plum your main colour. For a more airy-fairy underwater feel, focus on turquoise.
  • Bring the colour scheme to life with deep plum and turquoise lighting, interchangeable at certain times of the night.
  • In terms of flowers, why not combine favourites like blue bells and deep plum arum lilies and roses?
  • Enhance the colour scheme by adding small touches of silver and gold – just the right amount of sparkle!
  • Don’t be shy with the colour! For instance, drape the tables in plum cloths and opt for turquoise seat cushions.
  • We’re smitten with plum coloured suits! This makes a lovely change from the traditional black and charcoal.
  • Instead of a red carpet down the aisle, opt for a purple rug – very regal and stylish.
  • Serve a variety of bright turquoise cocktails and deep plum coloured red wine for the more conservative.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest