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Powder Blue + Nude { Elegant Tranquillity }

There’s really no better way to describe the essence of this colour scheme than with a soft content sigh. Powder blue and nude is one of those classic and ensembles that never seems to go out of fashion – ideal for timeless wedding pictures.

This soft combination of neutral and pastel is reminiscent of early morning – soft, fresh, untainted and tranquil – which sets the tone for the entire reception and wedding celebration and automatically puts your guests in a relaxed frame of mind. What we really love about this colour scheme however, is how it’s soft and elegant without being overly feminine, so you won’t have much of a hard time getting the groom and grooms men into their dashing attire.

Both colours are pretty easy to come by and before you know it the wedding will plan itself.

  • A nude wedding gown or bridesmaids dress is simply lovely against bronze summery skin, however it might make you look washed out if you’re of a pale skin tone.
  • Nude tone shoes will never go out of fashion and due to the simplicity of the colour, you can definitely opt for a more extravagant shoe design.
  • Opt for light coloured blue glassware and vases, set against a nude linen table cloth.
  • Flowers available in this colour scheme include nude roses, renunculus and dahlias, and light blue delphiniums, carnations, blue bells, orchids, calla lilies and tulips.
  • Add light gold accents to warm up the combination, or silver for a winter wonderland type ambience.
  • Coloured crockery is a sizzling trend of the season, so combine powdery blue plates with nude coffee mugs and napkins.
  • Keep the cake simple by choosing nude-coloured caramel frosting and adorning it with tiny blue details such as fondant flowers, perspex cake toppers, mini cake bunting, and so forth.
  • Spoil each bridesmaid with a pair of aquamarine or light blue topaz earrings, and nude or light blue ties for the grooms men – super stylish!

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