Purple and Green: A Striking Combination

By The Celebration Team 29 Oct, 2013

Purple and Green: A Striking Combination

Purple and green are both vibrant, bold shades. They can create a really striking theme when used effectively in your wedding. To ensure that this colour scheme does not become too overwhelming or dramatic, try to incorporate natural elements in purple and green. This will soften the overall look and make it more romantic.

Some ideas on including green and purple in your big day are:

  • Use green and purple grapes in your bouquets, floral arrangements and décor.
  • Purple and green accessories, such as fascinators and jewellery, will be glamorous additions. Use amethysts and emeralds in your jewellery for subtle references to the colour scheme.
  • Use limes, Granny Smith apples, avocado pears and plenty of foliage in your décor and menu.
  • Create floral arrangements using lavender, mauve roses, freesias, gladiolas, iris, impatiens and purple hydrangeas.
  • Pair green and purple in the attire of your groomsmen and bridesmaids. You may choose to include both in one standard outfit, or to alternate (i.e. one bridesmaid in green, the next in purple, for example).
  • If you still want to keep your traditional white gown, find a fabulous pair of vibrant green or purple heels to peek out from beneath your traditional gown as a fun feature to the outfit.

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