Red and Gold Weddings { Glitter + Glam }

By The Celebration Team 03 Sep, 2014

Red and Gold Weddings { Glitter + Glam }

Few colours truly summarise bold passion and glamour quite like red and gold respectively – oh, how these colours just make you swoon! Drama and opulence are the key words here, however the colour scheme can still have a slightly light and rustic touch about it if you were to opt for a more pale shade of gold.

The trick to pulling off this colour scheme with the right blend of style and va-va-voom is to settle on a main colour – either red or gold – and using the other as accent. If gold is your dominant colour, don’t be afraid to go all out – think sequined gold table cloths, gold chairs or a gold-frosted wedding cake even. The same goes for red – think red chandeliers, drapes and plush red chair cushions.

Here are some more ways in which to apply the colour scheme with flair:

  • Introduce an element of freshness and organic appeal by incorporating fresh red berries, apples and plums into your décor and menu.
  • Both gold and red are stunning colours for bridesmaid dresses – we especially love the boldness of red floor length gowns and the pizzazz of short gold sequined dresses.
  • Complete your own bridal ensemble with a stunning red bouquet and shoes, and simple yet striking gold accessories.
  • Opt for red flowers that are as bold in shape as they are in colour – for instance, roses, ranunculi, gerberas, peonies and dahlias.
  • Fill the venue with reflective gold elements like rimmed mirrors, golden plates and metallic vases that will reflect the light of the candles and chandeliers.

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