Red is glamorous and super sexy, while silver adds glitz and bling to any colour combination. Adding grey to the mix gives this colour theme complexity, and provides a more neutral base colour to balance the pizzazz of the red and silver.

The red, grey and silver colour theme is ideal for a really elegant wedding; a special treat for friends and family.

To implement this colour theme in your wedding, try to include the following ideas, or simply draw inspiration from them:

  • Replace your traditional white wedding gown with an elegant light grey creation. A light, flowy grey dress will, undoubtedly, exude an ethereal beauty all its own. Punctuate the dress with silver accessories and features, if desired.
  • Dress the bridesmaids in vibrant red dresses with grey and silver accessories (such as shoes, fascinators and belts).
  • Whether the wedding dress is white or grey, wear red shoes and red gems or stones in your jewellery (rubies are a must).
  • Garnish your wedding cake or desserts with Maraschino cherries and sparkly silver edible glitter.
  • Add silver-sprayed twigs to your bouquet of red blooms.
  • Serve a deep-red wine in pewter goblets.

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