Sunshine and clear blue water! That’s exactly what this colour scheme is reminiscent of, wouldn’t you say? Sunflower yellow and sea-glass blue are two incredibly magical shades that are both equally bright, bold and incredibly striking – especially when they come together. Naturally sunflowers will play a big role in the wedding décor, but let’s not stop there – we are brimming with ideas!

  • Have your wedding on a beach, next to the deep blue ocean, and scatter yellow rose petals everywhere.
  • Alternatively, arrange to have your photo shoot done in a sunflower field.
  • For a more country-like ambiance, drape the tables in yellow or blue checked table cloths.
  • Dress your bridesmaids in stunning blue dresses, paired with yellow bouquets, shoes and accessories.
  • When it comes to the reception, switch it up with yellow and blue lighting in the venue.
  • Instead of your normal glassware, use dark blue glasses and opt for bright yellow crockery.
  • Scatter shards of sea glass down the middle of your guest tables. Just be sure to polish away any sharp and dangerous edges!
  • Remember to always maintain a balance where either yellow or blue remains the dominant colour, and add plenty of white to keep it light.

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