Sunshine + Sparkle { Yellow + Silver }

By The Celebration Team 19 Sep, 2012

Sunshine + Sparkle { Yellow + Silver }

With spring practically knock-knock-knocking at the door, yellow is the colour of choice, casting its dazzling rays over the wedding industry. While this happy colour is strong enough to stand on its own, adding a simple touch of silver really brings out its warm character as well as adding a pinch of pizazz to really make it shine.

Now the idea isn't to go bling-berserk, but rather to keep it simple and bear in mind that less is always more – especially in the case of metallics such gold and silver. With yellow as your primary theme colour, coming up with innovative ideas is a floral scented breeze, and you'll find that “Cheese!” isn't the only smile-worthy yellow element out there:

  • Use juicy lemons for decoration purposes: As place card holders, in the centrepieces, slices open and placed in the punch bowl or in the candle wreath.
  • Choose billy balls, daffodils, daisies, marigolds or yellow roses for your centrepieces and bouquets.
  • Add a touch of colour to your wedding attire by wearing yellow shoes with a little silver buckle or dressing the bridesmaids in yellow dresses with silver detail.
  • Serve yellow macaroons decorated with silver cake glitter as dessert or wrap them in a gift box as a guest favour.
  • Yellow sorbet or ice lollies are fresh, fruity and delicious – perfect for spring!
  • As a fun alternative to crisp white crockery, opt for bright yellow plates and teacups.
  • Float yellow flowers and candles in a bowl of water, with glass pebbles in the bottom for that silvery twinkle.

Once you've settled on your yellow elements, it's time to add a little sparkle:

  • Decorate your yellow bouquet with crystal flower pins.
  • Choose ghost chairs for the reception. While they're not exactly silver they do add a simple sparkle to the occasion.
  • Incorporate tiny silver bows into the stationery designs.
  • Hang mirrors on the walls and place them underneath your centrepieces to add more depth to your tables.
  • Decorate a silver standing chandelier with dozens of yellow flowers.
  • For the guest favours, buy the chocolate bars in the silver foil and make a yellow wrapper that slides over it (i.e. the idea is to have some of the silver showing).
  • In some instances you might find that silver cutlery is all the dazzle you need for the tables.
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