Tangerine + Yellow { Delicious Summer }

By The Celebration Team 20 Oct, 2015

Tangerine + Yellow { Delicious Summer }

Every year when the seasons change, we seem to fall in love with orange all over again! This season it's all about playing around with different shades of this lush summery colour – from deep orange that borders on red to joyful sunshine yellow.

The combination of orange, tangerine and yellow is one that speaks of bold depth and dimension. Tangerine is an especially upbeat colour that puts an undeniable spring in your step, but be sure to balance it all out with pastel shades of yellow and crisp white.

  • Sweet juicy tangerines and lemons are a given, and can be featured as part of the décor and centrepieces as well as on the menu and wedding cake.
  • Tangerine, orange and yellow flowers are everywhere, and this colour scheme begs for a variety of species – from bold sunflowers and gerberas to more feminine roses and peonies.
  • Somewhere in the orange to yellow spectrum there's a shade to suit every skin tone, so let each bridesmaid choose a dress that she feels comfortable in for a lovely overall ombre effect.
  • Bathe the venue in soft orangey candle light, and don't be afraid to go wild with colour – we're talking orange checker board dance floor and summery draping.

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