Bright meets neutral in this striking colour scheme! We just love the contrast between these two colours, and who would’ve thought that fuchsia could look this chic? Using taupe as your base colour, add touches fuchsia to the overall look to keep things from getting out of hand – less is certainly more in the case of this daring colour.

Keep it fresh and stylish like this:

  • Serve decadent caramel fudge (taupe) along with fuchsia coloured coconut ice.
  • Drape the tables in elegant taupe tablecloths, and spice things up with a bit of fuchsia lighting.
  • While nude dresses seem like a good idea for the bridesmaids, bear in mind that it might make pale girls appear washed out.
  • Taupe suits, on the other hand, are a perfect idea for groom and groomsmen, especially during summer months.
  • Incorporate plenty of wheat and burlap elements into your décor and flower arrangements.
  • Fuchsia flowers, like Barberton daisies and roses, are a wonderful way to incorporate the colour without losing the natural feel of that taupe.
  • Add tasteful hints of fuchsia to your bridal ensemble – for instance the soles of your shoes, a belt, jewellery or flowers.

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