teal and gold weddings

Hold on to your reception chairs, ladies and gents’, because this one is a stunner! Teal and gold is appealing on so many levels – while it has a somewhat oriental feel to it, it exudes a sense of regal yet down-to-earth warmth. This is further amplified through the use lush fabrics and textures that speak of luxury and opulence, complementing the character of the colour scheme.

A teal and gold colour scheme leaves no room for doubt or reservations. It’s about being bold and choosing striking elements while still maintaining the fine balance between sophistication and over-the-top exorbitance. The era of using gold merely as an accent colour is long gone, and these days it’s perfectly stylish and acceptable to opt for striking gold elements such as gold painted reception chairs, gold vases, statement jewellery and glittering bridesmaid dresses.

Due to the dramatic nature of the colour scheme, lines and designs should be kept simple so as not to overwhelm your guests – chevron, for instance, works brilliantly with teal and gold. The opportunity for delicious drama also exists in your bridal ensemble, as you can only imagine how magnificently teal and gold can be set off against a pearly white gown.

Should you wish to tone the colour scheme down a bit, feel free to add rich wooden elements that complement the teal, or play around with lighter shades of teal and champagne, rather than gold.  We’d also recommend cranking up your white base colour and using subtle touches of teal and gold that’s somewhat less dramatic.

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