The colour of the moment is turquoise…and all things blue. Just take a stroll though the designer clothing and home décor stores and you will be overwhelmed at how this colour has sneakily made an appearance.

Turquoise screams “flair”, yet it has a sense of sophistication and whimsical all wrapped up in one colour. It’s a colour that can be incorporated subtlety into many parts of the wedding, be used  as a complimentary colour as in the case with brown or even take center stage as the colour of the day. There are just so many hues and interesting combinations that your only limit is your imagination.

Oceanic Inspirations….

The spectrum of greens and blues you get from being inspired by the ocean is unlimited. Hot lazy summer days, rolling waves and the beach can lead you in a direction of “coral and turquoise”. These two colours give you a pallet to find inspiration for any beach type wedding.  Pair it up with natural fibers, sand, white pebbles and even some shells and you have the perfect setting for a late summer afternoon feast.

Birds of a feather….

Now Peacock feathers are interesting –the feather itself adds an interesting and arty dimension to the wedding décor – be it the design on the wedding stationery, a subtle detail on the place settings or a bold statement in the bouquet. The jewel tones on the other hand set it apart from the cooler hues providing a deep, rich, sophisticated palate that when paired with the right green or even plum and you have a festival of colour.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

In 2008 Martha Stewart featured a themed wedding in her bridal magazine as “Breakfast in Tiffany’s”. The idea of those famous “little blue boxes” (and possibly what they contain) is an idea that every little girl loves. And let’s face it – as brides we are all going back to the days of being little girls and playing dress up as a bride.  To achieve the sophisticated look that only Audrey Hepburn could do is actually quite simple – blue boxes, white bows and lots of diamonds…as it has been said… “After the dance, after the cake, after today, after tomorrow, forever after” – Tiffany & Co.

To end off I would like to give you 5 reasons why you should not be afraid of using turquoise:

  1. It is a vibrant colour which promises to add energy to any setting
  2. Its rich jewel tones lead themselves to glamour, grace and sophistication all in one.
  3. Its crisp, fresh feel is inviting to all
  4. It is a fun, jovial colour which can add a spark to any uninspiring wedding decor
  5. It is a colour that will work with any décor concept from the rustic, country setting through to the luxury of country club weddings.

So go, be inspired – and let turquoise take your wedding décor to a whole new dimension. For more gorgeous turquoise details, have a look at our gallery.