The wedding colour scheme to brighten up a winter’s day or to add to the warmth of the sunshine is green and yellow. This just smacks of the outdoors, regardless of the shades of these two colours that you choose to have.

For a modern look and feel to this very natural colour combo, pair it with an ornate black and white design, which you can carry through your stationery, overlays and even accessories. Think bold, embossed and textured fabrics to act as a stark contrast to the very outdoorsy, natural greens and yellows. As an alternative to the black and white, choose an acid yellow, which has a rather green base colour to it. This is very trendy. It can be a flat colour, or also embossed or textured.

Incorporate a range of greens and yellow hues in your floral bouquets, making the most of nature’s abundance. Opt for wildflowers and grasses, or be a little more daring with succulents and their hardy yellow blooms.

In terms of your attire, your theme will be more effective if you keep your outfits simple when it comes to colour. A white gown and a black and white suit are ideal. If you want to incorporate your theme colours, use your accessories to do this. Green and yellow shoes, socks, jewellery and fascinators are perfect little pops for your otherwise-traditional attire.

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There is so much one can do with this colour combination. We couldn’t put all of the photos on one blog post, so if you LOVE this colour scheme, make sure to visit our Yellow and Green Inspiration Pinterest Board.

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