Alternative Under Plates { Something Different }

By The Celebration Team 02 Sep, 2014

Alternative Under Plates { Something Different }

In the minds of most brides, under plates have become something of a mandatory for the wedding celebration. However, there’s no reason why you necessarily have to stick to the traditional under plates or, in fact, hire under plates at all – especially not if you’re on a tight budget!

If you’re looking to break away from the expected and predetermined wedding norms, there are quite a number of alternative options that you might want to consider to the traditional under plate – here are a couple of ideas to get your creative brain going:

  • Opt for a round fabric place mat that matches the colour scheme and fabric choice of your wedding.
  • Glass or crystal under plates make a stunning alternative to the usual hired plates, and add a little sparkle to even a simple table design.
  • Paper of fabric doilies are ideal for a more romantic, feminine or vintage styled wedding.
  • Round wooden slabs or carving boards make the perfect addition to a rustic and organic celebration.
  • Play around with alternative shapes like squares, rectangles and even hexagons! Whoever said an under plate has to necessarily be round?
  • Recycle old vinyls or LPs – simply perfect for a Gatsby or retro style wedding celebration.
  • Cut circles or squares out of fabrics like lace, satin or burlap for quick and affordable DIY under plate alternatives.
  • Print oversized pictures of you and hubby and have it laminated.
  • Fill the space between the plate rim and table with freshly cut blossoms like roses or ranunculi.

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