Back to Backdrops { DIY Ideas }

By The Celebration Team 22 Jan, 2016

Back to Backdrops { DIY Ideas }

Set the scene for your wedding day with a DIY backdrop – whether it’s florally, sparkly, simple or opulent. Backdrops can be used in numerous – for instance behind the main table, in the photo booth, and so forth.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Soft waterfalls of fabric add a whole new dimension of romance to the wedding day.
  • Light up the backwall with strings of hanging fairy lights.
  • Cover the wall in ribbon! We’re talking metres and metres of long ribbon spilling down onto the floor.
  • Using fishing line and paper shapes or origami birds, string it all together and suspend the strings from various heights.
  • Bring some leafy organice prettiness to the occasion with a foliage backdrop – for instance, vines hanging down from a wooden rod.
  • Cover an entire wall with balloons! This sill certainly be entertaining late night when they start popping by accident.
  • Glam it up with glittery streamers! Nothing says “bedazzling party” quite like a wall of sequins.
  • Create a striking flower wall by tying single stemmed flowers to long lengths of twine, and hanging that from the wall at intervals.
  • Make it extra personal – have your favourite couple photo enlarged and used as backdrop for the wedding table.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest