bamboo wedding ideas

Bamboo is typically associated with pineapples, Long Island Iced Teas, golden sunshine, sandy beaches and all things idyllic – not a bad setting for the most special day of your life, we’d say. What’s more, because of its long growth span, bamboo is typically associated with longevity in Chinese culture.

With the focus being on sustainability and green living these days, it’s not surprising that bamboo is high on many wedding planners’ lists, featuring on anything from the menu right through to the table décor. Here are a couple of bamboo ideas that’ll make even a real island destination wedding look bland in comparison:

  • Cut bamboo shoots in half, lengthwise, and use them as serving platters for starters and canapés.
  • For the guest favours, present each guest with a mini bamboo sushi-making mat, a sustainable bamboo plant or a set of bamboo coasters.
  • Instead of a traditional bouquet, carry a flirty bamboo Chinese fan or bamboo parasol to shield your pretty face from the elements.
  • Use thick hollowed out bamboo shoots as floral vases. These are perfectly complemented by tropical flowers like hibiscus and frangipanis.
  • Create a tranquil and idyllic ambiance by hanging bamboo wind-chimes from the trees and rafters.
  • Adorn the tables with bamboo placemats and candleholders, as well as eco-friendly bamboo cutlery – simply perfect for an informal or picnic-style wedding.
  • Construct a canopy out of bamboo logs under which to say your “I dos” or construct a bamboo walkway to replace the aisle.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest.


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