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Brazen Bandanas


Oh, to be carefree and in love! Bandanas are very much a symbol of teenage love and summer romance – which makes it absolutely perfect for a light-hearted summer wedding. Here are a couple of ways to put a twist on the bandana and showcase it throughout the day:

  • Make bunting out of bandanas. In fact, using bandanas is probably one of the easiest ways to make bunting as it’s simply a matter of folding over and stitching up.
  • Wrap each guest’s knife and fork in a bright bandana or put the bandana to practical use as placemat.
  • Tie a bandana around the base of your and your bridesmaids’ bouquets – to add colour but also to protect your hands.
  • Wrap bandanas around the floral vases, pot plant holders and ice buckets.
  • For a quirky twist, replace traditional napkins with bandanas on the guest tables.
  • Sew a number of bandanas together – side-by-side – to make table runners.
  • Opt for a rustic farmyard look and feel, and jazz up your groomsmen and bridesmaids’ outfits with bandanas.
  • Wrap your guest favours in bandanas instead of giftwrap.
  • Blindfold your hubby to be and have the photographer snap a couple of pre-wedding shots where he hasn’t yet seen you in your bridal gown.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest