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Bring on the Blackberries


Berry season is right around the corner again!  These small “cluster” berries almost remind you of a mini bunch of grapes, and their lovely texture has inspired many patterns and décor designs. Here’s how to incorporate your favourite berry into your favourite day:

  • Use the deep dark blackberry colour as your main colour, combined with the fresh green of the blackberry vine.
  • Garnish your welcome drinks and tall champagne flutes with blackberries.
  • For a striking centrepiece, fill tall vases with water, float candles on top and place blackberries at the bottom.
  • Spoil your guests with mini jars of blackberry jam and, if you’re feeling generous, a small basket of freshly baked scones to enjoy after the wedding.
  • For a proper autumn harvest affair, thread blackberries onto string and hang it outside in the trees or over the heavily laden food tables.
  • Draw inspiration from the berry’s “bubbly” look by opting for bubble paper and patterns for your stationery designs.
  • Serve a variety of berry delights like mince pies, cheesecake with blackberry coulis, berry jello shots and more.
  • Have your wedding photos taken in a veggie patch with blackberry vines curling around your feet.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest