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Clear Cut { Cutlery Layout }


Traditionally it’s knife on the one side, fork on the other – but when have we ever been known for sticking to the traditional? Today we’re shaking it up with interesting and creative ways to lay out your cutlery!

  • Add a touch of fun to the setting! Print out place mats with empty “slots” for the various cutlery elements, all marked so guests know what to use it for (e.g. “salad fork”).
  • Tie each guest’s knife and fork together with ribbon and twine, and place it in a large planter pot or vase in the centre of the table.
  • Make cutlery sleeves for the knives and forks to slot into, and place one at each place setting.
  • If you’re having a buffet style dinner, simply place all the knives in a container named “knives”, forks in one labled “forks”, and so forth. This will also keep guests from accidentally using cutlery that’s only meant for a later course.
  • Let’s take it to the next level! Once you’ve tied each guest’s cutlery into a bundle, hang it from the chandelier above the table and let them cut it loose.
  • Instead of placing the cutlery around the side of the plate, lay it out on top.

 Original images and their credits available on Pinterest