Often venues boast a magical pool area – whether indoors or out – and while you might be tempted to book it for your reception, it does pose a couple of interesting dilemmas. How do I keep guests from falling in? How do I decorate this seemingly “dead space”? Well, we have some ideas:

  • Cordon off the pool area with fairy lights, which will also help light up the dead zone.
  • Alternatively use pretty fabric bunting that’s in line with your colour scheme and décor them.
  • Float candles on the water surface or place glow sticks inside balloons and use that instead.
  • Decorate the pool with floating wreathes, and line the edge with matching flowers.
  • Instead of completely closing off the pool, place cushions around the edge to turn it into a conversation station. This way guests can also dip their tired feet in the water while sipping on a cocktail.
  • Turn up the fun and games element and float little boats, big ol’ beach balls and other pool toys in the water.
  • Most venue pools have underwater lighting, which can be adjusted to add to the mood of the reception.
  • Go all out and request that guests bring their swimsuits along for a full-on pool party reception!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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