The Coral of the Story

By The Celebration Team 30 Apr, 2015

The Coral of the Story

We love everything about coral – the colour, the ocean specie and even the word itself! Blending perfectly with an exotic or beach themed wedding, delicate coral adds a stunning twist to otherwise predictable décor – in fact, it’s easy to feel like a mermaid when in the presence of these enchanting underwater gems.

Coral can be purchased in bulk from most ocean-side thrift and curio shops, and – even if the colour isn’t ideal – it can be spray painted to match your colour scheme. Here are a couple of ways to include coral cuts to your décor:

  • Purchase a coral-shaped ink stamp to decorate nametags, napkins and so forth.
  • Place pieces of coral amidst the centrepieces or – better yet – work it into the actual flower arrangements.
  • Attach tiny pieces of coral to elements like your napkin rings and guest favours to bring the theme full circle.
  • Top the cake with a piece of coral or decorate it with fondant coral shapes.
  • Fill tall vases with water, line it with beach sand and float pieces of coral inside.
  • Mount your place cards on pieces of coral or turn your coral into a candleholder by setting the candles in place with hot wax.
  • To complement the theme, hire a fish tank or aquarium and light it up for a stunning focal piece.

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