The flowers make the wedding! While traditional vases are beautiful, striking and elegant, using crates as vases will give your special day a comfortable, natural and homey feel.

  • For starters, you can use different sized crates throughout your wedding – either stacked on top of each other to give it or just scattered around tables and on the floor.
  • You can put glass jars in the crates containing flowers, where the jars are visible or just as a solution to arrange the flowers in a specific way.
  • If the planks of which the crates are constructed have spaces in between the panels (“peepholes”), why not add a string of fairy lights with the flowers for an illuminated display.
  • Consider varnishing or painting the crates – or give it a worn-in look by sanding it ever so slightly.
  • If you’re the DYI type, make your own crates with planks, clue and a staple gun.
  • Paint words on the sides of the crates, or glue small symbols onto it. Alternatively decorate it with ribbon, raffia, organza or hessian.
  • Create an elevated display by stacking three crates in an untidy fashion with flowers spilling out of each.
  • If you’re quite daring, hang the crates from the ceiling at different angles, with flowers overflowing onto the tables.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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