You can polish and preen a piece of wood all you like, but no human being can quite match the creative skills of Mother Nature. Driftwood can be found along the coast, and each piece has a somewhat smooth finish – almost as if it were polished by the ocean.

  • Every piece of driftwood is entirely unique, so see how much you can get your hands on and get creative with the implementation:
  • Hang pieces of driftwood from the chandeliers on the guest tables.
  • Write or carve each guest’s name into a piece of driftwood and use it as place cards.
  • Make direction boards using driftwood by painting arrows and words like “gents”, “bar” and “ceremony” on flat pieces of wood.
  • Scatter pieces of driftwood down the middle of the tables, or place it at the bottom of a vase to anchor candles.
  • Turn one large piece of driftwood into a focal piece by making holes in it and placing tea light candles inside.
  • Construct something useful out of multiple pieces of driftwood – for instance a wedding arch, photo backdrop or table plan.
  • Create a striking floral centrepiece using a drift-log as your base. Simply arrange the flowers in the unique crevices and bends for a unique piece.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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