The ceremony venue or church door is really the first taste of wedding décor that your guests will get, yet it’s often an area that’s overlooked. Don’t skimp – have a look at some of these ideas to turn the door into a focal point that turns heads:

  • Adorn the door with a wreath of flowers, dried vines or fresh greens.
  • She a little light with strings of cutesy fairy lights, which can either frame the door or shaped into a heart or wreath.
  • Go all out and frame the door with an archway of stunning fresh flowers or foliage.
  • Use fabric to create a stunningly romantic and enchanting doorway – for example, drape it over the doorway so guests have to walk through the soft layers or hang it on either side like curtains.
  • Have your initials or monogram cut out of wood or shaped out of wire or flowers.
  • If you’re using flowers, choose the same type of flower for your confetti to create the illusion in photos that the door décor has scattered itself all over the pathway.
  • If the church door doesn’t have hooks or fittings to accommodate décor pieces, decorate the area around the door with vases, candles, lanterns and plants.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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