You’ve caught your dream man! So in the spirit of catching dreams, why not bring the mystical dream catcher into the picture on your wedding day?

  • For your guest favours, package dream catchers for guests to hang in their homes or make tiny dream catcher keyrings.
  • Attach a miniature dream catcher to your garter or bouquet for good luck.
  • Instead of throwing your bouquet, why not throw a dream catcher for guests to, well, catch?
  • Use round wire frames and twine to make dream-catcher inspired place mats for the guest tables.
  • Make mini dream catcher boutonnieres for the boys and keep a lookout for dream catcher earrings for the girls.
  • Hang a large dream catcher in the lobby and ask guests to either attach a symbolic bead or lovely note to the catcher.
  • During canapés, keep guests entertained by allowing them to make or decorate their own dream catchers.
  • Decorate the wedding cake with dream catchers or designs inspired by these enchanting adornments.
  • Make large oversized dream catchers out of hula-hoops and hang it over the dance floor.
  • Incorporate the dream catcher design into your stationery elements and wedding invitations.

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest


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