wedding sprinkle ideas

Remember back in the day when you were all too mesmerised by the brightly coloured sprinkles your mother dearest would use to decorate cake for the local fair? Or the way the multicoloured specks would sink into the twirls of an ice cream cone on a hot summers day? Fact is sprinkles, or 100s and 100s as they’re often referred to, have been with us for many years and are guaranteed to stir up some nostalgia in the hearts of your guests.

Here are a couple of colourful ideas for incorporating these specks of joy into your wedding day:

  • If it’s guaranteed not to be a boiling hot day, consider sprinkles as confetti, with mini marshmallows mixed in for extra delight.
  • Blow your guests away with a sprinkles wedding cake, whether entirely coated in colourful specks or arranged in intricate patterns.
  • Alternatively serve a selection of sweet treats decorated with brightly coloured sprinkles – donuts, chocolate coated marshmallows or biscuits – or set up a stand where guests can decorate their own.
  • Make use of multicoloured speckled- and fairy lights to pull the sprinkles theme through to your venue ambiance. Elements like coloured marbles and pearls are other ideal ways to complement the overall theme.
  • For the pre-drinks, decorate the glass rims with 100s and 100s by first dipping the glass in sugar water and then in the sprinkles.
  • Add a touch of colour to your wedding ensemble by adorning it with fine multicoloured beads, reminiscent of sprinkles.

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